Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution
Super concentrated ultrasonic cleaner solution formulated for use in ultrasonic cleaning devices. Good Vibrations provides rapid and thorough removal of a wide range of soils while protecting delicate instruments. Ideal ultrasonic cleaner for all medical applications.

Enhances Ultrasonic Cleaning Action:
  • Non-foaming formula best for medical ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Penetrating agents improve cleaning action in small crevices and hinges.
  • Odor suppressant neutralizes organic and chemical odors.

Protects Delicate Instruments:
  • Team of anti-corrosive agents protects metal surfaces.
  • Best results for carbon steel items including burs and curets.
  • Safe cleaning for jointed orthodontic pliers.
  • Enhances instrument appearance and shine.

Biodegradable and Contains No Phosphates.

Economical Super Concentrate – One Ounce Makes One Gallon of Cleaning Solution.

For additional information, please see product profile and MSDS to the right.


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