Suspension Fluid

Silicon suspension fluid for silicon charged struts.

Intended for use in Hitachi/Euclid Accu-Trac ® struts as a direct replacement for OEM Neocon-E™ Fluid. This fluid is used in conjunction with helium or other inert gases in its strut application. Use in accordance with OEM specifications.

  • Unique blend of silicon based, non-petroleum lubricants provide the necessary viscosity and stability over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Special silicon suspension fluid is formulated exclusively for use in Euclid Hitachi equipment and the Accu-Trac ® suspension system’s Neocon™ suspension strut.
  • Cost-effective alternative to brand name OEM.
  • Non-corrosive properties protect equipment.
  • Provides more energy absorption than regular suspension/hydraulic oils.
  • Non-corrosive properties protect equipment.
  • Neutral pH.

For additional information, please see product profile and MSDS to the right.

*Neocon-E and Accu-Trac are trademarks of Hitachi.


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