What is GHS?

When working with chemicals of any type workers need to be aware of the potential risks involved and how to properly handle them, this is why Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are important. In the coming months, there will be different symbols shown on product labels and safety data sheets that you are familiar with. This…

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Wild Animal Sanctuary

Certol® International is always looking for creative ways to recycle our products used in manufacturing as well as our office supplies. Donations to local non-profit organizations have been a staple of the Certol business model since 2002, when new ownership took over. Recently Certol made a donation of all of the spent ink cartridges from…

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Stout Street Donations

Over the years, Certol has dedicated tens of thousands of dollars of product to organizations nationwide, including the Stout Street Foundation. Certol provides Stout Street, an organization that assists individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol, with our Tumble laundry detergent free of charge to ensure their residents have clean and sanitary laundry during their stay. Have a…

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