COVID-19 and ProSpray™ Disinfectants

COVID-19 and ProSpray™ Disinfectants

An update from Certol International based on recent information from the CDC:

For Immediate Release    March 10, 2020

The bad news is that novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has the potential to cause serious illness or even death in some persons, especially the elderly and those with chronic health conditions. But the good news is that COVID-19 is an enveloped virus that is relatively easy
to kill on hard surfaces. 

ProSpray liquid disinfectants and ProSpray disinfectant wipes are EPA registered and tested for effective action as an intermediate-level hospital grade disinfectant. Label kill claims include benchmark tuberculosis (TB) and enveloped viruses (HIV and herpes) with tested effective action in the presence of mucous, blood and other organic soils. 

ProSpray disinfectants are water based with dual action to clean and kill. ProSpray liquids and wipes will remove mucous and other soils while inactivating the dangerous pathogens hiding within. ProSpray disinfectant wipes are effective in three minutes without solvents or high alcohol content that may damage equipment.  

The CDC continues to recommend frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces. ProSpray products are the right tool for both steps.


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