COVID-19 and ProSpray™ Disinfectants

COVID-19 and ProSpray™ Disinfectants

An update from Certol International based on recent information from the CDC:

For Immediate Release    May 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge healthcare, manufacturing and other settings. Effective surface disinfection helps to control transmission of the virus. Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is classified as an enveloped virus (see pyramid chart below) which is fortunately easier to kill on surfaces and equipment. 

ProSpray liquid and ProSpray wipes are EPA registered intermediate-level hospital grade disinfectants. The EPA requires extensive testing for registration. ProSpray’s intermediate-level rating is based on proven action to inactivate the very resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB). This rating along with tested label claims to inactivate herpes and HIV assures users that ProSpray products are effective against similar categories of enveloped viruses. 

While there are numerous disinfecting products on the market, our suggestion is to choose carefully. Many products are toxic if used in large quantities and many are harmful to surfaces and equipment. ProSpray disinfectants are water based with dual action to clean and kill, removing mucous and other soils while inactivating dangerous pathogens hiding within. ProSpray disinfectants clean and kill without solvents or high alcohol content that may damage plastics or other materials. 

ProSpray products were last tested for new reduced contact times (5 minutes for liquids, 3 minutes for wipes) using selected benchmark organisms to support intermediate level hospital grade label claims. To control overall costs, this testing did not include organisms that are currently cited for inclusion on the EPA “N” list. Certol International is actively pursuing lab testing for additional kill claims and will issue updates when available. 


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