Instrument Reprocessing

Nothing is more distressing or potentially embarrassing than picking up a “sterile” instrument from the tray and observing dried soil! Thorough cleaning is also essential to allow full contact of steam sterilant on the surface of the instrument. Rust or corrosion is another problem that may be avoided by starting the cleaning process quickly. Do…

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Certol Gives Back in Honduras

Certol recently donated ProSpray C-60 to a dental mission trip to El Pariso, Honduras. The trip was organized by the Minnetonka United Methodist Church in Minnesota. The ProSpray performed exceptionally in the efforts to maintain a high level of disinfection for the field clinic. The Dental Clinic volunteers used the ProSpray for surface disinfectant of…

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Fighting the Corrosion Explosion

As the day begins in your office, you are setting up trays based on the day’s planned procedures. You look down to notice one of the office’s new burs has a smidge of rust, just the tiniest of specks. You pause, but finally move on, getting ready for another busy day of treating patients. You…

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