Product Highlight: ProSpray Family

Now it’s ok to hear . . . NO! • No alcohol actives• No harsh ammoniums• No corrosive bleach The ProSpray family of disinfectants all provide powerful intermediate-level disinfection and less irritation for staff and equipment. The water based formula has a toxicity profile so safe it is now tested and EPA approved for use…

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Selecting the Right Disinfectant for Your Facility

Killer at Large” “Safeguard your Reputation!” “Are You at Risk?” Infection control product manufacturers gain attention with sensational headlines. Help your customer/clinicians become informed consumers ofdisinfectant chemicals: • Follow CDC guidelines. Use a tuberculocidal disinfectant in healthcare settings where blood and mucous spatter is likely. Some products labeled as “hospital disinfectants” are low level quaternaries…

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Instrument Reprocessing

Nothing is more distressing or potentially embarrassing than picking up a “sterile” instrument from the tray and observing dried soil! Thorough cleaning is also essential to allow full contact of steam sterilant on the surface of the instrument. Rust or corrosion is another problem that may be avoided by starting the cleaning process quickly. Do…

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