Golf for Falcon Athletics

On September 22nd, 2018, members of Certol participated in the annual Falcon Golf Classic at Cherokee Golf Course in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This was the 8th year for the fundraising tournament. The scramble team was represented by Certol President Ed Cassinis, VP of Operations Liz Towner and other guests. Proceeds generously supported the Falcon High…

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Lending a Helping Hand for More than 20 Years

For more than 20 years, Certol International has been lending a helping hand through product donations to a completely self-funded international mission group within the Minnetonka United Methodist Church (MUMC). Each January, the program’s volunteers travel to either Panama or Honduras with the mission to apply their skills in construction, sewing, stove building, vacation bible…

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Lending a Helping Hand

Certol International gives support to the efforts of Matthew 25 Ministries through donations of products. Matthew 25 Ministries is an Ohio based nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide nutritional food, clean water, clothing and affordable shelter to the homeless, medical care to the ill and humanitarian supplies to those in need. Along with multiple canisters…

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ProSpray wipes – Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria in 3 Minutes and Still Safe for Use on Surfaces!

The danger of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) in medical and dental settings is very real. To effectively control HAIs, a wide variety of materials and devices must be routinely cleaned and disinfected. The downside to this is that the solvents and alcohol actives used in the formulations of most healthcare disinfectant products cause significant wear…

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New Formulation for ProSpray™ wipes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 23, 2015 CONTACT: Aaron Trapp or Ryan Osmundson, Sales and Marketing PHONE: 303-799-9401 EMAIL: atrapp@certol.com; rosmundson@certol.com WEBSITE: www.Certol.com RE: New Formulation for ProSpray™ wipes COMMERCE CITY, CO (February 23, 2015) – Certol International announces today that it will introduce the new formulation of ProSpray wipes at the Chicago Mid-winter meeting taking…

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Investing in Success

At Certol, cost control and efficiency mean lower costs for end users. We endlessly strive to become more productive while improving overall quality procedures. As a result, our operation passes inspections with ease. Many find our processes impeccable and are rarely seen in a smaller operation of our size. But there are always ways to…

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Take Us Out to The Ball Game!

 Dateline August 29, 2012 – Certol International took its annual trip to Coors Field to watch the Rockies take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Once a year during the summer Certol’s owners, Ed Cassinis and Liz Towner, treat the entire company to an outing at a Rockies game. It is an act that is not…

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Certol Supports the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary near Denver, CO

Certol is donating 34 spent toner cartridges and 2 used imaging units to Laser Concepts of Broomfield, Colorado. Laser concepts will in turn recycle the cartridges, and give the money raised to the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO, about 30 miles northeast of Denver. On behalf of Certol, a $100 donation will be made…

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Issues with Water Quality and Effective Use of Detergents

Water quality is a key factor in determining appropriate dilution. “Hard” water inhibits cleaning by consuming some of the chemical action of detergents. Water is rated as “hard” (i.e. higher concentrations of calcium carbonate and other minerals) at 251 ppm or higher. Water rated as “hard” will require higher concentrations of detergents to yield effective…

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