Chemical Shelf Life and Use Life

Chemical Shelf Life and Use Life

How long is your chemical good for after opening the bottle? This question may be posed to a sterile processing technician during an audit or survey, resulting in a panicked call to the chemical manufacturer.

High level disinfectants (HLD) including gluteraldehydes and OPA products require special handling and many brands require dating on the container upon opening the bottle.

ProSpray™ is an intermediate level EPA registered disinfectant that does not require dating upon opening the bottle. The shelf life for this product is the expiration date clearly marked on every container. It has many applications in Sterile Processing and other healthcare departments for counter tops, phones, handles and other frequently touched surfaces.

ProSpray C‐60™ is a concentrated intermediate level EPA registered disinfectant. It is not necessary to date the bottle when opening this product. The use life for ProSpray C‐60 is tested and validated for up to 60 days after dilution when used in spray bottle applications, reducing wasted chemical product.

In contrast, the use life of ProEZ 2™ enzymatic detergent after dilution is limited to the 5 to 20 minute soak time for a group of items in the soak sink. In this example, use life is affected by soil load and temperature.