Disinfectants and Barriers

Disinfectants and Barriers

COVID-19 has made dentists question if their disinfecting procedures are enough to keep staff and patients safe. Should you use more disinfectant? Is a barrier doing enough to protect clients? Won’t disinfecting more cause damage to your equipment?

Certol is here to help by supplying offices with quality disinfectants, barrier products and education on how to use both properly.

ProSpray™ Disinfectants 

are a water-based, EPA registered disinfectant, designed to kill harmful germs such as Herpes, HIV and Tuberculosis (TB) while keeping equipment damage free.


are FDA regulated surface covers that reduce exposure to chemicals; speed up treatment room turn-over; protect valuable electronic equipment and protects clinical touch surfaces that are hard to clean, such as suction controls.

Best practice to use barriers and disinfectants: 

1. Start with clean, disinfected treatment room.Place ProBarrier covers over equipment such as chairs and controls.  Use Certol ProBarrier exclusive adhesive strips to keep barriers fixed in place.  

2. Barriers are single use. After procedure, remove all barriers and dispose even if not touched. Most dental procedures create aerosols and subsequent contamination.

3. Use ProSpray Disinfectant to clean and kill germs on surfaces that were not covered by a barrier or if visibly contaminated after barrier was removed.  If barriers stayed in place and intact, no need to disinfect those surfaces.

4. After correct contact time, cover equipment with fresh barriers for the next patient.

5. Repeat steps between patient treatments throughout the day.  At closing, use ProSpray to disinfect ALL equipment and surfaces.

By using a combination of ProSpray Disinfectant and ProBarrier, an office will save time and provide an infection free environment for staff and patients.

Need help with your disinfecting protocol? Certol is happy to advise you on the best procedure for your practice! Submit your information below for a personal call with one of our educators!