Giving Back – Matthew 25: Ministries

Certol is proud to support charitable organizations in their efforts to provide care to those who otherwise might not receive it. Each year, Certol donates products from our infection prevention line to Matthew 25: Ministries. This year, we donated $37,000.00 worth of ProSpray Wipes Canisters.

Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization helping the poorest of the poor locally, regionally, nationally and internationally regardless of race, creed or political persuasion. Since 1991, Matthew 25: Ministries has grown from a small suitcase ministry to an international relief organization with a 168,000 square foot Processing Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Matthew 25: Ministries works with more than 40 organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area, groups throughout the United States, and partners in over 60 countries worldwide. In total, M25M has sent more than 125 million pounds of aid across the United States and into more than thirty-five countries worldwide.

In addition to the above, Matthew 25: Ministries works with partners to develop a number of special programs designed to meet targeted needs throughout the world.

These programs address critical life-sustaining or life-improving problems and include the care and treatment of birth defects, skill-development and microenterprise programs, educational enhancement, long-term disaster recovery and capacity building.

Visit http://m25m.org/ to learn more about Matthew 25: Ministries and the work they do.