Certol´s EZ Solution for Instrument Pre-Cleaning/Transport:
In healthcare, a busy treatment schedule means a busy cleaning schedule. It doesn't take long for contaminated instruments to pile up. Dried blood and bioburden can result in more hand scrubbing or damage to instruments. Pan soaking is messy.

ProEZ foam™ is ready-to-use. Just spray over instruments and walk away. True quadruple enzyme formula will dissolve blood, orthopedic and complex soils, reduce hand scrubbing and protect against corrosion - even overnight! Problem solver for Labor and Delivery, Emergency Room and inter-facility transport.
Certol´s EZ Solutions for Manual Cleaning:
Surgical instruments are costly and so is your time. Scrubbing sharps is a risky job, and it´s yours. Put Certol enzymatic detergents on your team to help out!

Concentrated pH neutral enzymatic detergents attack tough soils, making light work out of cleaning, while anti-corrosive agents protect instruments.

ProEZ AW Quad™ Premium Four Enzyme has no foam to improve visibility during manual cleaning. Even the toughest orthopedic case soils will dissolve quickly.
ProEZ 2™ True Dual Enzyme
ProEZ 1™ Economical Single Enzyme
Certol’s EZ Solutions for Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaning:
All of Certol´s solutions are low or non-foaming and boost ultrasonic cleaning action, while the powerful anti-corrosive system protects delicate instruments.

Good Vibrations™ non-enzymatic detergent with the highest anti-corrosive action and no foam to promote ideal ultrasonic action. Economical cleaning for light soils.
ProEZ AW Quad™ Premium Four Enzyme has full multi-enzyme cleaning action for the toughest soils and no foam to promote ideal ultrasonic action.
ProEZ 2™ True Dual Enzyme is a low foam detergent and the best choice for typical surgical soils including gastrointestinal.
ProEZ 1™ Single Enzyme is a low foam concentrate, the perfect combination of economy and effective cleaning action for surgical items with basic blood soils.
Certol’s EZ Solution for Instrument Lubrication and Protection:
Instrument lubrication prolongs the life of jointed instruments and reduces corrosion. Lubrication is the last step after cleaning and not rinsed off before sterilization, therefore the lubricant must be fully permeable to the sterilant and totally non-toxic.

Old style instrument “milk” uses a mineral oil suspension that may create a barrier to steam sterilization. Opaque white coloring agents may leave microscopic contamination on the surface of instruments

ProLube™ RTU is ready-to-use. Simply spray on jointed items after cleaning but before sterilization to lubricate and protect joints and box locks. ProLube is dye-free, mineral oil and silicone free, non-toxic and needs no rinsing. Meets the AAMI ST79 standard for lubricants.