Prevent Biofilm with QEZ Bedside kits

Prevent Biofilm with QEZ Bedside kits

Every endoscopy team must figure out the protocols and supplies to prevent dried soils inside and outside of endoscopes. Delays and dried soils may lead to biofilm, cross-contamination and potential patient infections. Certol QEZ® Bedside Kits will help endoscopy departments deal with three critical elements for reducing dried soils inside endoscopes: Time, time and time!

  • The time to start endoscopy pretreatment is immediately after patient procedure with QEZ Bedside Kits. Because endoscopy nurses and technicians are always short on time, QEZ kits are designed for fast easy use. The QEZ-3 kit offers a pre-printed Stand Up bag to quickly measure water for required flushing volumes. Pre-saturated sponge included in this kit then releases freshly diluted ProEZ AW Quad enzymatic detergent into measured volume of water.


  • Time is not on your side with immediate bedside cleaning. The QEZ sponge saturated with ProEZ AW Quad has tested verified fast enzymatic action at room temperature. Other brands of kits claim enzymatic action but testing may reveal slow or no enzyme action.


  • Transfer time is limited as full endoscope cleaning must start within one hour from the end of patient treatment. Transfer pads are a component available in QEZ Bedside Kits designed to reduce clean-up time at bed-side, contain and protect contaminated scopes and clearly communicate that a contaminated item is in transit.

Certol International consulted with endoscopy nurse experts to design QEZ® Bedside Kits.  This makes us more confident that QEZ kit designs will support a critical challenge facing endoscopy departments every day.  

*Patents pending