ProSpray wipes – Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria in 3 Minutes and Still Safe for Use on Surfaces!


The danger of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) in medical and dental settings is very real. To effectively control HAIs, a wide variety of materials and devices must be routinely cleaned and disinfected. The downside to this is that the solvents and alcohol actives used in the formulations of most healthcare disinfectant products cause significant wear and tear to surfaces and will eventually damage equipment beyond service or repair. With that in mind, Certol has re-formulated ProSpray wipes, significantly reducing contact times for the inactivation of infectious agents while remaining safe for use on surfaces and maintaining its low toxicity profile. After extensive third party efficacy testing and approval by the EPA (EPA #46851-12), we are proud to announce that we’ve done just that!

To validate ProSpray wipes’ new formulation, Certol conducted a material compatibility study simulating estimated clinical use over a period of one year’s time. Our study showed than not only were ProSpray wipes compatible with all of the test materials, it was significantly less harmful to vinyl and acrylic surfaces than bleach, a common product used for disinfection. In additional accelerated exposure testing by immersion, ProSpray wipes also had minimal effect on the various materials used in the evaluation. If you are interested in learning more about ProSpray wipes and how its alcohol-free, ammonium-free and bleach-free actives are the best choice for plastics, vinyls and metals, visit www.certol.com/prospraywipes!