Fight Dirty, With Fresh – Certol® International Releases QEZ™ Bedside Kits


April 14th, 2019

Commerce City, April 14, 2019 – Certol® International, LLC announced that after 2 years of development and testing, it will launch QEZ™ Bedside Kits for the immediate precleaning of endoscopes at the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses Association 46th Annual Course in Portland, Oregon.

The concept for QEZ™ Bedside Kits started more than 10 years ago as the rise in endoscopic procedures made it evident that in order to help prevent the risk of infection brought on by contaminated scopes, the cleaning process needed to start immediately at bedside. In 2017, research and development began to finally bring QEZ™ to market. The kits are anchored by Certol’s freshly activated ProEZ AW Quad™ detergent, a premium four enzyme formula that’s consistently been validated for rapid enzymatic cleaning action at room temperature. Protease enzymes act on proteins, amylase on carbohydrates, lipase on fats, and cellulase act on the indigestible fiber in human soils. Tested against other leading industry bedside kits, QEZ™ out-performed each with its superior enzyme activity and was also the only one with detectable amylase enzyme performance. The formula is also non-foaming, a critical feature given that endoscope manufacturers recommend a no-foam detergent to clean scopes. Overall, the use of a freshly prepared, validated, non-foaming four enzyme formula proves Certol’s QEZ™ Bedside Kits meet professional guidelines and standards for the precleaning process.

Certol is offering a variety of kit components for QEZ™ Bedside Kits. In total, there are 11 different combinations, delivering exceptional value and cost savings for the unique needs of clinicians. From a single dry round sponge, a single round sponge presaturated with concentrated enzyme detergent, to more expansive choices that include a presaturated sponge, a stand-up bag, a water bag (with 125ml, 250ml or 500 ml volumes), and a double lined, lint free transport cinch pad, there is something for every facility and every procedure. QEZ™ Bedside kits are also vacuum packaged making it easier to ship more kits in a smaller box profile; thus, offering a reduced storage footprint. The kits are also packed and shipped in an inner plastic bag to provide compliance in facility storage areas.

Everything from production to packaging to shipping is done onsite at Certol to ensure the highest quality and industry standard. All Certol QEZ™ Bedside Kits are available for immediate purchase, including a special limited time offer with a substantial price reduction. Visit www.certol.com/QEZ for more information.

 About Certol International, LLC

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