The Myths and Science of Detergent Performance

The Myths and Science of Detergent Performance

Enzymes and bacteria work together to create brilliant colors in Yellowstone Hot Springs at 160 degrees F and in green algae living in icy mountain streams. How is this connected to Sterile Processing?

ProEZ AW Quad™ Enzymatic detergent is chemically engineered with enzymes performing at expanded temperature ranges. This product is validated to spring into action for bedside endoscope cleaning at 65 degrees F and provide validated cleaning at 150 degrees F in an automated washer. Now departments can standardize on ProEZ AW Quad detergent for multiple applications in sinks, ultrasonics, washers and endoscopes.

The myth:  Non enzymatic detergents are a better choice for pre-soak, sinks and sonics and do not require temperature monitoring.

The science: Regular detergents without enzymes require direct access, impingement and friction to remove soils. But blood, fats and dried soils inside endoscope channels, box locks and Kerrison rongeurs are hidden and difficult to access. ProEZ AW Quad and other Certol enzymatic detergents help dissolve soils through passive action during soaking and when direct contact and scrubbing is difficult or impossible. Plus, Certol enzyme action is lab validated through a wide temperature range.

Medical instrument detergents are currently not regulated in the U.S making it difficult for sterile processing departments to proceed with confidence when selecting chemical cleaners. Certol International uses objective lab and clinical testing to ensure validated performance. Use Certol enzymatic detergents with cleaning verification tools to ensure best outcomes for your department and your patients.

ProEZ AW Quad™

Quadruple Enzyme Automatic Washer Detergent

  • Four enzymes attack the entire range of surgery soils: blood proteins, gastrointestinal starches, cellulose and fatty orthopedic soils.
  • Powerful yet safe: biodegradable, neutral pH, instrument brighteners and unique anti-corrosive system. Use on all types of metals, plastics and rubber goods.
  • Chelating and rinsing agents improve action in hard water.