Why use enzymatic detergents for pre-cleaning

Why use enzymatic detergents for pre-cleaning

Successful instrument processing starts at point of use and continues with strategies for preventing dried soils during transport and holding. This includes instruments, devices and endoscopes. How does the lack of scrubbing and friction during transport and holding impact our choice of pretreatment and cleaning chemicals?

There are two major problems with non-enzymatic detergents when considering strategies for pretreatment sprays and endoscope precleaning. First, without enzymes a detergent needs mechanical force through friction, scrubbing and brushing plus direct access to each surface to break up soils. Secondly, strategies that work for short holds (wet towels or gel sprays) are less likely to protect instrumentation when delays over two hours are more common. Wet towels and gel sprays without enzymes cannot initiate soil breakdown and cannot limit biofilm formation.

By contrast, the enzymes in tested validated Certol products act as a tiny Mr. Clean to initiate soil breakdown, going inside channels and crevices where blood and fats are hiding. Enzymes in ProEZ foam™ pretreatment spray start soil breakdown during holding and transport. Certol QEZ® Bedside kit sponges are pre-saturated with Certol ProEZ AW Quad™ enzymatic detergent to give added cleaning power during post procedure bedside endoscope flushing. In addition, Certol enzyme formulas are validated to activate at room temperature – essential for both pretreatment sprays and post procedure scope flushing.

You already have plenty of challenges at point of use and in Sterile Processing. Have an ally in your corner with Certol enzymatic pretreatment sprays and detergents.

ProEZ foam™

Ready-to-Use Foaming Enzymatic Spray

Four powerful enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulase and lipase) work to dissolve the broadest range of common surgical soils including proteins, starches, indigestible bioburden and fats.

  • Easy to use – just spray foam over instruments.
  • Foam prevents blood soils from drying on instruments while suppressing unpleasant odors.
  • Neutral pH formula is gentle on all types of instrumentation.
  • Unique anti-corrosive system protects delicate items.
  • Eliminate the weight and spills associated with liquid pan presoaks.

Prevent soils from drying on instruments during processing delays.

QEZ® Bedside Kits

QEZ Bedside Kits make immediate bedside cleaning Quick and Easy!

Certol International presents QEZ bedside kits with premium enzymatic detergent ProEZ AW Quad™ for the immediate pre-cleaning of endoscopes. Fresh, rapid acting concentrated four enzyme formula has proven cleaning efficacy at room temperature. Every kit offers space saving design & freshly activated detergent for the strongest cleaning action. Available Now!

  • Featuring freshly activated ProEZ AW Quad™ detergent with premium four enzyme formula to attack the entire range of procedure soils: blood proteins, gastrointestinal starches, cellulose and fatty soils.
  • Increase Compliance: All components meet professional guidelines for pre-cleaning process.
  • Tested & validated for rapid enzymatic cleaning action at room temperature.
  • Variety of kit components and combinations to meet your unique needs.
  • Vacuum packed kits reduce storage footprint
  • Inner plastic bags provide compliant storage in clinic areas.
  • Delivering exceptional value in every pack.

Fight Dirty, with Fresh.
Quick. Easy. The True Multi-Enzymatic.

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