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We produce products that help make doing your job easier, cleaner and safer and we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years. From our medical and dental infection prevention to our user friendly and safer industrial cleaners, we are dedicated to developing only the highest quality products and we intend to supply them to you at a more reasonable price than the competition.

We’re extremely glad you found us and we’re confident you will be too!

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Our trial program allows your office or facility to use our product at no cost to ensure satisfaction.

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Safety Data Sheets for infection prevention products and industrial cleaners.

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We pride ourselves on our longstanding and successful relationships with a wide range of distributor partners. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor or would like information on pricing programs, please visit our distributor opportunities page.


Take a look at our calendar and mark these great events down to come visit us! We participate in various trade shows in all of our different industries, as well as educational events all throughout the country.

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SCD Products

Medical, Super Concentrated Detergents

Pro Tector ®

Needle Safety, Single Handed Needle Recapping 

ACID Magic ®

Muriatic Acid, alternative pool care 

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Latest News  

Chemical Shelf Life and Use Life

Chemical Shelf Life and Use Life

How long is your chemical good for after opening the bottle? This question may be posed to a sterile processing technician during an audit or survey, resulting in a panicked call to the chemical manufacturer.


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