New Formulation for ProSpray™ wipes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 23, 2015
CONTACT: Aaron Trapp or Ryan Osmundson, Sales and Marketing
PHONE: 303-799-9401
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RE: New Formulation for ProSpray™ wipes

COMMERCE CITY, CO (February 23, 2015) – Certol International announces today that it will introduce the new formulation of ProSpray wipes at the Chicago Mid-winter meeting taking place February 26th – February 28th 2015.

The new formula is EPA registered and approved with a three minute kill time for Tuberculosis. The EPA has also approved the wipes for use with bare hands in the absence of biohazards. In an effort to remain focused on end user safety, Certol made very few changes to the original lemon scented, water-based formula that many healthcare workers have come to enjoy.

Certol’s ProSpray wipes offer an economical alternative to many competitors. Unique packaging allows for more wipes per canister/package, making end user costs much less per wipe. ProSpray wipes come in three sizes: a 6” x 6.75” wipe with 240 wipes per canister, an 8.5” x 12” wipe with 135 wipes per canister and a softpack option, which allows for easy storage in drawers and contains 72 9” x 10” wipes.

Edward Cassinis, President of Certol International said the following regarding the upcoming product launch:

“I am tremendously proud of the innovative work our R&D team does and we at Certol are excited to bring a new disinfectant wipe to market that will once again leapfrog the competition.”

Interested Parties are urged to contact their local Certol representative or to contact Certol directly by calling (800)843-3343.

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