Point of Use Instrument Care

Point of Use Instrument Care

Why are surveyors focusing on point of use instrument care? Transport of instruments may take one to two hours from end of procedure to start of soak time in Central Processing. Meanwhile blood and other soils are drying to create biofilm and corrosion. This problem affects many departments including surgical, cardiac catheterization, endoscopy, dental and ophthalmic care. Time becomes the enemy along with blood, fats and cements. Salts in blood soil can start corrosion on some metals within 10 minutes. Dried orthopedic cements become impossible to remove from reamers within one hour. The challenge is creating a team process to prevent formation of dried soils and biofilm. Below we have listed a few practical tips to help you in the process.

 Practical Tips:

  1. Compliance with point of use care will affect scheduling and productivity so management support is essential.
  2. Deliver training and supplies to all point of use departments coordinated by nurse educators, infection preventionists and sterile processing managers. 
  3. It is critical to routinely wipe off or flush soils DURING surgical and clinical procedures with sterile water and sponges.   
  4. Use OSHA biohazard compliant transport containers with solid sides, bottom and lids.
  5. If transport delay is frequently over one hour, coverage with wet towels may not prevent corrosion. Select a point of use treatment spray tested and validated to provide anti-corrosives and effective enzyme action. Certol's ProEZfoam™ is a ready to use powerful four enzyme spray designed to dissolve the broadest range of common surgical soils.
  6. For bedside pre-cleaning procedures on endoscopes, transducer probes and related devices, most instructions recommend use of neutral pH enzymatic solution to wipe off the exterior surfaces and distal portion of tubing. Items with channels are usually flushed with liquid enzymatic solution. Certol's QEZ® Bedside Kit components include sponges pre-saturated with ProEZ AW Quad™ enzymatic detergent, disposable bags to hold liquid cleaning solution, table cover / transport cinch pads and treated water in a variety of combinations.